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Archaeological finds as well as scientific analyses of humans and their artefacts indicate the great importance of aquatic resources for this culture. Sequin, C. This applies both Marshall, T.

In particular, the software of the vision module uses an aerodynamic model to predict the trajectories of the ball in the air and uses a novel non-linear rebound model to predict the change of the ball's motion during rebound.

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The average prediction error of our vision module at the ball returning point is less than 50 mm - a value small enough for standard sized ping-pong rackets. Its average processing speed is fps. The precision and efficiency of our vision module enables two humanoid robots to play ping-pong continuously for more than rounds.

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It contains the great majority of the photons emitted by the universe, and THz observations of molecules and dust are able penetrate deeply into molecular clouds, thus revealing the full history of star and planet formation.

Accordingly, the successful deployments of the Herschel and SOFIA observatories, and the emerging capabilities of ALMA, are both revolutionizing our understanding of THz astrophysics and placing stringent demands on the generation of accurate laboratory data on the relevant gas phase and solid state materials detected.

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We have investigated solid materials from room temperature to 10 K, and can examine both refractory matter such as silicates and molecular ices. Hicks, J. Frenje, K. Green, R. Petrasso, J. Soures, V. Glebov, C. Stoeckl, P. Radha, D. Meyerhofer, S. Roberts, C. Sorce, T. Sangster, M. Cable, S. Padalino, and K. Through a novel extension of existing charged-particle detection techniques with track detectors, the authors demonstrate the ability to obtain secondary proton spectra with increased sensitivity.

Guardelben, L. Ning, N. Jain, D. Battaglia, and K. Marshall compare the utility of a novel liquid-crystal-based, point-diffraction interferometer LCPDI with the commercial standard phase-shifting interferometer and conclude that the LCPDI is a viable low-cost alternative.

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